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What is PTC?
PTC is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, "Surf Ads" page.

How does it work?
You view websites in a few seconds via the "Surf Ads" page. Once the few seconds is up, you'll either get a green tick sign or a red 'X'. The green tick sign/check sign means you've earned money for the visit and the 'X' means you have not earned money for the visit. You'll get red X's when you have more than one website from the "Surf Ads" page open. When this happens, you get no credit.

How do I refer others?
Use your unique referral link found within the user area "My Stats"
or simply tell them to put your username as the referrer when they register. You can also buy/rent referrals using your balance in your ALERTPAY account.

Can I have more than one account in one PTC site?
NO, if the admins of the PTC sites detect that you have been using multiple accounts, you might get banned and your accounts will be deleted.

Can I register to more than one PTC site?
YES, you can register to more than one PTC site. It's really up to you on how many PTC sites you register to, but the more, the better right?

How do I get paid?
If you have the minimum amount accumulated, you can click on your account balance within your stats area and it will submit your request. Currently, we only make payments via AlertPay. We will soon be using other methods of payment.

When do I get paid?
You can request for payment once you're account balance is the minimum amount accumulated. Your payment will be processed and issued via AlertPay in 2 non-business days (premium) & 5 non-business days (standard).

What is AlertPay?
AlertPay is the payment processing solution that we use to pay members. Your AlertPay address is the e-mail address you use to register with AlertPay. You can get a free AlertPay account at www.alertpay.com.

How is the payment process?
After you have received your earnings from PTC sites, you can log-on to your ALERTPAY account and withdraw your money. There are many ways to withdraw your money in ALERTPAY. First, by mailed check (minimum withdrawal $20), costs $3 per transaction. By mailed check, ALERTPAY sends you a check to your home address. Note that you don't need to verify your ALERTPAY account to use the mailed check option. Second, by bank transfer, which I do not recommend because it costs $20 per transaction and you need to verify your ALERTPAY account before you can do bank transfer. Third, you can invest your savings to buy/rent referrals so you can earn more money in the future.

I'm a little tired of answering this question over and over again, so i will be answering it here. Well, do you think I would waste my time making my blog look presentable just to make fun of you? If you have doubts with this kind of business, you may not join, I'm not forcing you to. But this sideline opportunity is for everyone so just try them, there are no fees needed.

CERTIFIED Home-Based Business!!!  

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Lots of little ways to make money online...
And one of those is the PTC Business...


All you need is your own equipment... a computer with an internet connection.

be sure to bookmark this page and the PTC sites for easy revisit...

Paid to Click Websites
Paid to Click (PTC) sites are websites that pay you money to click or view or surf their advertisements. It is the most popular internet income opportunity at present and will be more popular in the future...They usually pay $0.01 (USD 1 cent) for you to visit a website for 30 seconds. Different sites pay different amounts, and there are a very large number of bad paid to click sites! My advice is to never ever give a company money that is supposed to be paying you money!

How it works:
1. You sign up for a free account.
2. You log into your account, browse the list of adverts available to click.
3. You click on an advert, and view the site for up to 60 seconds.
4. Your account is immediately credited with the payment for visiting that site, as mentioned above, often $0.01.
5. When you earn a certain amount (usually $10), you can request a payment, which is often paid by Paypal.

View advertisements for 30 seconds and get paid for it.

$200 per month or more!!! (for just 30 mins daily)

Brief Explanation of Earning Potential
Let's say you have 10 PTC Sites
then those PTC sites has an average of
10 advertisements for you to view daily.
And most PTC will pay you0.01$ = almost 50 cents in Php per view

that is:
10 PTC sites x 10 ads = 100 ads
then:100 ads x $0.01 = $1.00 per day
(your earnings from your personal clicks)

CHEAP! Right? Well I say NO!
You get that for FREE remember?And that's guaranteed extra income for you!

Where is the $200 per month?
In PTC, there is a so called referral system.
Wherein, most PTC sites give you 100% of your referral earnings.
Sounds confusing? Let's put it this way..
Let's say you have 50 referrals for each PTC.

Earning Example:
You click 100 ads per day (as shown above) = $1.00
50 referrals also click 100 ads per day like you = $50.00
Your daily earnings = $51.00
Your weekly earnings = $357.00
Your monthly earnings = $1,428.00
(Well, that is if your referrals are active,so be also active for your referrers.)

NOW, how much are your potential earnings?
$200 per month or more while at HOME!

Unbelievable!? Well, this big earning is possible...
Just be patient and focus to reach your goals...
Many had been successful already...
I am looking forward to be one of them...
Just remember, PATIENCE is the key to PTC Business...

Am I going to refer just 50 people in my whole life?

There are BILLIONS of people online today and tomorrow.
How big is the chance you get thousands from them,or even more?

Step 1: Make your very own email address if you don't have one
Step 2: Register at www.alertpay.com (Choose PERSONAL STARTER) or at www.paypal.com (Choose Personal)
Step 3: Register a FREE account at recommended PTC sites below (just click the BANNERS (images) above and register) for example ara-bux, neobux, earnmybux
Step 4: Log in to your PTC account and start earning cash by clicking/viewing/surfing advertisements. (NOTE: wait for the CHECK MARK to appear before closing the advertisement you are viewing so your click will be credited)
Step 5: Make the clicking and viewing of ads a daily habit.. (30 mins per day)
Step 6: Refer others to join under you.. Make your own advertisement like this.. and be PATIENT! Just keep on clicking.
Step 7: Cashout your money when you had reached the minimum payout.
Step 8: Enjoy your earnings!!!

Should you have any questions or comments please contact me, here is my
YM ID --> lhoryz


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

How to cashout your ALERTPAY funds:
Since there are many sulitizen/PTC clickers asking the same questionon how to withdraw Alertpay funds/cash here in the Philippines...
I just hope this will be a great help to all online income opportunity seekers...

Option #1
Electronics Fund Transfer
Follow these Steps:
1. BANK TRANSFERReceive a direct deposit to your bank account.
2. BANK WIREAlertpay or Paypal will send wire money to your bank account.

Option #2
Mailed Check
Follow these Steps:
1. Go to your Alertpay account
2. Request for withdrawal via mailed check at your Alertpay account
3. Wait for about 2-3 weeks for your requested check to arrive at your address
4.1 Encash check on money changers accepting international checks in Dollars (ask nearest Money Changer at your place)
4.2 Deposit your check at your own bank account (peso or dollar bank account)Banks like Landbank, Unionbank, Metrobank, BDO, RCBC, PNB are some of the banks that I know accepting international check deposits. You can also inquire at bank branches at your place.
5. Wait for the processing time of your check. Approximately 2-3 weeks again.

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